Why A/B testing is your secret weapon for massive marketing success.

Why A/B testing is your secret weapon for massive marketing success.

How do you know if your marketing efforts are working? Are your emails helping your brand connect and resonate with your customers, or are you just spinning your wheels? A/B testing is the best way to remove the uncertainty of your efforts.

A/B testing (also known as split testing), involves running an experiment to see which variation gets the most opens or the most clicks. A/B testing can be done on websites or in emails, and is a huge indicator of how best to setup future promotions for optimum success.

For this post, we’re focusing on A/B testing in email marketing.

A/B testing is one of the most effective ways to gauge the success of your email marketing promotions. It’s not something to fear, but instead something worth embracing. In the long-run, it will make your efforts much impactful and give you new insights into what your audience responds to.

Rules of Thumb:

Don’t overtest.

Select one element as your test variable, and put your focus there. Testing more than one element will muddy the results, as you won’t be sure which element change led to the behavior.

Ensure you’ll have enough data from the test that the results will be meaningful.

Based on your existing outreach efforts, get an idea of how many people you’re reaching and be sure your current pool of people is enough to serve as a viable test group.

Things Worth Testing:

  • Different Subject Lines
    • Test the length of the subject lines. Long vs. short subjects.
    • Questions vs. Statements.
    • Capitalization vs. Sentence text.
    • Personalization vs. General Messaging.
    • Emoji vs. No Emoji.
  • The Preheader 
    • This short summary text located just after the subject serves a teaser to get people to open your email.
  • Different Times of Day
    • It’s quite likely that your audience engagement is determined by the time you send out your communications.
  • Different Days of The Week
    • Perhaps your audience responds better to emails sent on Thursdays as oppose to Tuesdays.
  • How You Link to Additional Content
    • Does a certain font or color of a link drive more clicks?
  • From Name
    • Test emails from your company vs. emails from an actual person’s name.
  • Image Placement
    • Quite often the location and placement of an image can impact behavior.
  • Call to Action
    • How you ask for your reader to connect with you can be a huge impact factor in the success of your email engagement.

Before you start running your A/B tests, be sure you have an idea of what you want the outcomes to show. It’s important that you know your baseline and already have an idea of how your existing communications are already performing. This insight will help give you a more clear understanding of what to look for as success indicators from your tests.

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