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Skin-Tonic is a spa and healing center that offers a variety of self-care treatments that cater to wellbeing and skin nourishment. Additionally, they offer a line of organic skincare and aromatherapy products for men and women.

SERVICES:  Rebranding  |  Brand Positioning  |  Website Redesign  |  Copywriting  |  Digital Marketing 


Skin-tonic’s overall goal was to increase the demand of their products and services in the highly-competitive skincare industry. B Classic started by conducting a comprehensive brand audit to evaluate Skin-Tonic’s position in the market and pinpoint future directions for improved differentiation and results.

Skin-Tonic hired B Classic to:
> Increase demand
> Target new customers and audiences
> Drive more leads for their business

Once the brand audit was complete, B Classic identified five key areas of improvement for brand revitalization. This process included new messaging for brand clarity, a new color palette and logo, website redesign, product positioning, and a refined digital strategy.

The end result was a better user experience, refined product and service messaging, and a newcontent marketing strategy. 

In the end, B Classic’s support and strategic guidance helped Skin-Tonic not only improve their brand presence, but double their revenue.


BEFORE: Homepage

AFTER: Homepage


BEFORE: Appointment Booking Webpage

AFTER: Appointment Booking Webpage



“It has been both a pleasure and a great learning experience working with the team at B Classic. As a business owner, marketing and brand rebuilding can be very challenging especially when you are busy trying to focus on running all other aspects of your brand efficiently. B Classic provided me with the tools and strategies I needed in order to successfully grow my business. They are knowledgeable, professional and will guide you every step of the way. Because of them, my entire company is being rebranded and I am already seeing the benefits of what good marketing can do for my business. I’m looking forward to working with this company on upcoming projects.
Thank you B Classic!”

– Charmika Stanford, Founder of Skin-Tonic