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Non-Profits: Call Your Community to ACTION

Donate. Like us on Facebook. Volunteer. Share this Story. Messages like these have become more and more common as non-profits work towards spreading their mission, growing their communities, increasing social responsibility, and ultimately grow their donor base. These days, there are more ways than ever for non-profits to engage communities by including a compelling call…
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The Value of Ethnography in Market Research

6:30 a.m. Mom is rushing to cook the family breakfast. One child is mesmerized by morning cartoons. The other child sneakily pours a bowl of colorful, sugary cereal. Dad is busy getting ready for work. This a brief summary of the observations made by anthropologist Susan Squires – who helped develop Go-Gurt, a brand of…
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5 Characteristics of A Bad User Experience

How people experience your brand often starts with your website; and even if that’s not their initial introduction to you, it will be a key element in how they perceive your brand. Bad user experiences repel customers, and customers and prospects remember that interaction. One bad experience can pigeon-hole a business and prevent them from forming…
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The Winning Formula for Non-Profit Marketing Success

Non-profits start with a good cause. An idea is born out of an injustice or a need for support, visibility, or awareness. The passion to correct a wrong is ardent. The motivation behind the movement the movement has momentum. Sleepless nights and weekends are invested into mobilizing troops to support the mission. But then as…
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Emotional Intelligence: Your Business’ Secret Sauce

The phrase “emotional intelligence” (EQ, EI, or EIQ) has grown in popularity over the last decade. It is not uncommon to see books or hear of trainings focused on developing EQ in the workplace. After all, a good employee is one with a grounded emotional acumen.  Much of this chatter, however, focuses on developing an…
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How Collecting Customer Feedback Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Running a business or serving in a leadership role has tons of moving parts, and whether we want to admit it or not, customer satisfaction is at the core of it all. Great leaders work tirelessly to make sure they’re meeting the needs and wants or their customer-base, but without feedback, how can you really know?…
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For A Winning Sports Marketing Campaign, Think Of Players As People First

From Forbes: As athletes step into the spotlight in this socially and politically charged era, there’s an undeniable opportunity to drive conversations off the field. The default approach for too many marketers is a glorified tribute film or using an athlete with no acting ability as a brand spokesperson.

No decision is too small for today’s consumers

From Google: As we look at the search trends that defined 2017 one thing becomes clear: we’re officially in the era of the research-obsessed consumer. With a smartphone in hand, people can get the answers they need to make the right purchase decision anytime, anywhere. You can see this behavior clearly in search data—mobile searches for…
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6 Signs You Need to Redesign Your Website

It’s something most businesses hate thinking about. The dreaded website redesign. It’s time-consuming, cumbersome, onerous, and can be pretty overwhelming. However, your website is the front door to your brand; and as such, deserves more attention and time than many leaders like to dedicate. Here are 6 signs that your website could use a little…
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