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Non-Profits: Call Your Community to ACTION

Donate. Like us on Facebook. Volunteer. Share this Story. Messages like these have become more and more common as non-profits work towards spreading their mission, growing their communities, increasing social responsibility, and ultimately grow their donor base. These days, there are more ways than ever for non-profits to engage communities by including a compelling call…
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The Value of Ethnography in Market Research

6:30 a.m. Mom is rushing to cook the family breakfast. One child is mesmerized by morning cartoons. The other child sneakily pours a bowl of colorful, sugary cereal. Dad is busy getting ready for work. This a brief summary of the observations made by anthropologist Susan Squires – who helped develop Go-Gurt, a brand of…
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Why A/B testing is your secret weapon for massive marketing success.

How do you know if your marketing efforts are working? Are your emails helping your brand connect and resonate with your customers, or are you just spinning your wheels? A/B testing is the best way to remove the uncertainty of your efforts. A/B testing (also known as split testing), involves running an experiment to see which…
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How do you know if it’s time for a rebrand?

The concept of going in and doing a major overhaul, essentially changing most (if not all) of your businesses’ external presence overwhelms leaders and business owners. The age-old question has become, when is the right time to think about rebranding? Let’s be honest; rebrands are time-consuming. Not to mention they can be costly, and after…
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5 Characteristics of A Bad User Experience

How people experience your brand often starts with your website; and even if that’s not their initial introduction to you, it will be a key element in how they perceive your brand. Bad user experiences repel customers, and customers and prospects remember that interaction. One bad experience can pigeon-hole a business and prevent them from forming…
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The Death Of Brand Loyalty: Cultural Shifts Mean It’s Gone Forever

From ‘Forbes’: In the old days, consumers would find a brand that did what it promised: perhaps Tide detergent to erase grass stains, Bounty paper towels to wipe up spills, or Frosted Flakes to start the school day right. In the absence of a particular brand failing or a dramatic price disparity from a branded…
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The Winning Formula for Non-Profit Marketing Success

Non-profits start with a good cause. An idea is born out of an injustice or a need for support, visibility, or awareness. The passion to correct a wrong is ardent. The motivation behind the movement the movement has momentum. Sleepless nights and weekends are invested into mobilizing troops to support the mission. But then as…
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Emotional Intelligence: Your Business’ Secret Sauce

The phrase “emotional intelligence” (EQ, EI, or EIQ) has grown in popularity over the last decade. It is not uncommon to see books or hear of trainings focused on developing EQ in the workplace. After all, a good employee is one with a grounded emotional acumen.  Much of this chatter, however, focuses on developing an…
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10 Things You Need to Know About Your Customers

Every brand is in the business of selling something. Whether it’s inspiration, a concrete product, an ideal, service, resource, or methodology, the core of effective selling lies in how well you understand your customer. Ask yourself these ten questions as you think through how to better understand and connect with your customers. The better you…
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6 Surefire Ways to Improve Your Brand’s Engagement on Instagram

By now, you know that Instagram isn’t new on the social media scene. Since 2012, the widely-used photography app has continued to grow in prominence, and in recent years, has become so much more than selfies and food pictures, and has morphed into a go-to for businesses looking to grow reach, expand awareness, and increase…
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