9 Ways to Jumpstart Your Productivity

9 Ways to Jumpstart Your Productivity

Well, it’s official. We’re at the start of a new year with so many possibilities and so much potential. Do you plan to expand your business this year, or perhaps 2018 is the year you decide that a career change is necessary for your personal growth.

At B Classic, we’ve gotten really good at maximizing the potential of each day to ensure it’s as productive as it can be. These small changes yielded huge wins for us, so we wanted to share them in hopes that they inspire and help you become more productive and more successful over the next 12 months.

Here are 9 tips to help you be more productive daily:

1) Wake up earlier.

Getting an early start is a game-changer. Up until three years ago I was a late-riser. Like, really late. That late when the afternoon is half-over. SMH! But then suddenly my schedule changed and I had to rearrange everything to make sure I was still getting all of the same things done, and there was no way I could unless I got up earlier. So, I forced myself to start working out before I started my day. That meant getting up at 5:30 am to workout at 6 am. Can you say ugh! But I stuck with it, and after about 10 days, my body started to adapt more naturally and it slowly became a part of my routine. Now, I’m more productive than I’ve ever been in my entire life and it feels so good.

2) Turn off the TV.

We all have our favorite TV shows. TV is decent way to destress (note, we deliberately didn’t say that it’s a good way to destress, lol). On average, Americans watch 4 hours of TV a day. But by cutting TV down, you have the opportunity to get up and move around, which is often the only thing we need to start being productive. Instead of TV, think about grabbing a book on a topic you’re interested in learning more about (even audio books are a great alternative).

If you happen to be an entrepreneur, we have some great book suggestions to get your business-minded juices flowing (check out 3 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read)

3) Create lists.

I find that I stay on track and accomplish so much more when I write a list at the start of my day (or even the night before). And I don’t make it a big thing. I usually just open up the notes app on my phone and speak directly into the microphone. That way I can store everything on my cell and delete each thing as it’s ready to be crossed off the list.

4) Clean up.

Mess Creates Stress. We’re not our best selves until we’ve cleaned up our spaces. That includes your room, closet, even your email. Clutter causes us to be more anxious and our brains become more disorganized. The clutter is competing for your attention and thus it’s so much harder to focus. Before I tackle any big projects, I like to do a quick mini-cleanup to help prepare my mind to stay on track once I start the bigger tasks.

5) Stop multi-tasking.

We tell ourselves all the time that we can multitask and handle whatever life throws at us. Now although we can (and do) handle the curveballs of life, multitasking often hurts us more than it helps us. Most people that consider themselves multitaskers are really just switching tasks; where they instead jump to another task and forget the original task altogether. Trying to juggle too many things at once frustrates our brains and actually make us much less productive. So, take it from me, focus on one thing at time. Finish that task, then move on.

6) Check yourself.

Make sure you’re staying on track. I like to refer back to that checklist I created the night before or early that morning to make sure I didn’t forget anything. Accountability partners help with this too. Often times when you’re running around trying to get a million things done, tasks may slip your mind. Happens to me all the time. But I just check in on my checklist or check-in with my accountability partner and make sure I’m still on track.

7) Get moving.

Movement, namely exercise (even in small amounts) is a game-changer. Something as small as a walk around the block can help invigorate you and get you back on track to better productivity. When our blood starts flowing and we move our bodies, we rev up our endorphin’s, which improves our mood and gives us new found energy. I find that once I’m done working out, I have a new level of clarity and I’m lot happier, which makes me want to be more productive.

8) Get lost. Don’t be so available to everyone.

We love our phones. Like we seriously LOVE OUR PHONES! However, giving everyone access to you hinders your productivity. Interruptions do exactly what they’re designed to do…interrupt us. Phones get us off track and then we have a hard time getting our original momentum back. Sometimes we just have to put the phone down to focus and complete things. Then sure, pick it back up again and resume being as social as you want on your social networks.

9) Take a break.

Sometimes the best thing we can do to be more productive is to do nothing. Yep, you read that right. Burnout never helped anyone. We all need to unwind and relax. Turn your brain off, meditate, and refresh. And when you’re ready to get back to your day, your productivity will skyrocket. Productivity can easily be improved by making small changes here and there.

We hope these nine tips help as you continue to strive to make 2018 your best year yet.



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