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A great client experience fuels our passion.

B Classic is a boutique, strategic marketing and communications firm based in downtown Washington, DC. We are a minority and woman-owned small business serving commercial, nonprofit, and government clients in DC, MD, and VA. We use a unique consultative approach to build lasting partnerships based on execution and maximum impact. We believe in meeting project deadlines, providing outstanding customer service, and accomplishing our clients’ goals.


B Classic makes is possible for businesses to reach and better connect with audiences; introduce new products, services, or technologies; and overcome hurdles in growth.


At B Classic, we put our clients first. Their goals, struggles, and desired outcomes are the lifeblood of why we do what we do. We listen and make good on our promises to ensure our clients are always happy.


For us, good isn’t good enough. We believe in great. Thus, we pride ourselves in maximizing the success of our clients. This dedication fuels our continued commitment to excellence and impact.

These three core principles are the backbone of our company. By combining excellence with decades of industry expertise and marketing know-how, we’re able to continually deliver high-end, measurable results for our clients.

Marketing strategy is much more than your logo and website. It’s your character. In order for a brand to connect, your efforts need to be strategic and your brand needs to be consistent. We like to call our strategies brand captivation plans, focusing on your brand’s identity, tone, voice, and promise so that your customers are connected and loyal to you.
Creative concept development is what sets you apart from your competition. We help write and share your content to ensure your brand’s value is clear, consistent, and compelling. We help with blogs, websites, and social media pages; developing photos, videos, infographics, case studies, memes, opinion posts, product reviews, how-tos, lists, and more.
Knowing what your customers want, expect, and need from you are crucial to business success. With our research services, we get down to their needs, which helps you ensure your products and services are designed with them in mind. We offer a variety of services to help you get the data you need to better connect with your customer.
It’s important for businesses to connect and interact with the people in their community. Ensure the conversations you’re having with your community remain positive and fruitful for everyone. Manage your businesses reputation and encourage engagement.
Advertising can be the growth agent that your brand needs to accelerate interest and generate awareness from new audiences. We help businesses draw attention to their causes, missions, services, and ideas.
The elements of marketing are all interconnected, and of course, a large part of digital marketing centers around content. We help maximize the impact of your content, ensuring it doesn’t fall on deaf ears. This includes email, social media, search engine optimization, pay-per-click, and more.
The popularity of video is surging, and as such, companies have an opportunity to reach consumers like never before. But strategy is key. There are so many different types of videos that brands can create to influence decisions. We know what best connects with consumers. Let us help you succeed in your video endeavors.
Good writing is inspiring, persuasive and captivating. It makes people curious. It makes people want to learn more. It evokes emotion. It tells a story. When done right, copywriting can be the backbone of getting loyal customers that speak for your brand’s value. We’ve mastered the secret sauce to writing your brand’s story in a way that stands out.

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Who makes up B Classic?

Our team is comprised of a vast group of uber-talent creatives including graphic designers, web developers, social media specialists, filmmakers, writers, digital experts, market researchers, and more – all ready to help our clients tackle their most pressing problems.

How We Work

No two business needs are the same; thus no two marketing strategies are alike. We start with an introductory meeting to talk through your needs, challenges, and goals. We start by gathering background information to give us an understanding of your timeline and strategic direction. Our goal is to help you meet your business objectives. Once we learn your story, we outline the strategy and elements needed to get you to your goal. This is where we define your marketing mix. Simply put, we agree on the elements and tactics that will help your business excel and get to work. 





Let us help you get the results you desire.