6 Signs You Need to Redesign Your Website

6 Signs You Need to Redesign Your Website

It’s something most businesses hate thinking about. The dreaded website redesign. It’s time-consuming, cumbersome, onerous, and can be pretty overwhelming. However, your website is the front door to your brand; and as such, deserves more attention and time than many leaders like to dedicate.

Here are 6 signs that your website could use a little TLC:

1. Your site isn’t responsive

Responsive design, simply put, means that visitors to your website have a good experience viewing your site, and all its content, regardless of the device they use.

Did you know that over 60% of web traffic comes in via mobile devices?

That means that how your website shows on mobile devices and tablets should adjust (for the better), so that the content is still easy to follow, clear, and answers all of the viewers questions without them having to get onto a computer to explore your products and services. When responsive design is in place, image sizes adjust or sometimes hide altogether depending on the device they’re viewed from. Some items may appear larger or be moved to another spot on the page to help mobile or tablet users better navigate your site’s content. In 2018, responsive web design is no longer an option, it’s a requirement.

2. Your competitors website is better than yours

A key indicator of whether or not you need you make some improvements to your website is how you feel about your brand once you take a look at the competition. If you consider someone “competition,” chances are you share overlapping services or resources that you both provide, which means you’re vying for the attention of a similar audience. If your competition’s website it better, it’s time to rethink your website because chances are your potential customers think it too.

3. Your (potential) customers aren’t doing what you want them to do (or your CTAs are falling flat)

Your website’s purpose can be any number of things. It can be to prompt visitors to take an action like registering for an event, capture leads and prospects so that you can talk to them at a later time, setup a time for consultation, etc. — but the goal should never be for them to look around and leave. You want them to reach out to you—but is that happening? Or, is your website just a stepping stone on their path to a solution. If your audience isn’t doing what you want them to do, your website needs some reworking. It may be the messaging, the flow of content, the information architecture, the images—or a combination of all of these.

4. Your business offerings have grown

It’s likely that the longer you’ve been in businesses, the more offerings you develop. Resources grow, your expertise grows – and thus, your business offerings grow. If you provide more services than when you opened for business, chances are your website needs some modification. You never know what potential business leads are coming to your site, and if you fail to highlight a service it’s quite possible you might never recapture that lead again.

5. You have broken links or empty webpages

Broken links and blank pages make for a bad user experience on your website, and bad experiences turn customers off. When you launched your site, you put lots of hard work into making it a useful resource for your visitors, but if links don’t work or take users to wrong content or no content at all, this experience is hurting your brand more than you realize.

6. Your brand doesn’t look cohesive

Quite often websites are built prior to fully flushing out a brand’s promise, voice, value proposition, tone, look, and overall identity. Having a cohesive brand that’s communicated via your website and connects your business’s appeal to your promise means a lot when it comes to how people perceive and remember who you are. Strong brand visuals within your website have the potential to redefine you in your industry and help magnify your brand’s impact.

Don’t miss out on business opportunities and bottom line gains because you don’t want to invest the time into updating your website. Missed opportunities don’t always return, and your website is one of the main ways that consumers gauge your value.

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